How well do you know St Charles?

That’s the question that will be put to residents, and visitors of the St. Charles Fine Art Show as they pass the corner of Rt. 31 and Main Street this weekend. Banners on the window of the old Vertical Drop store ask people to ‘Take the Quiz‘ and register for the River Corridor Foundation’s upcoming Riverwalk and Scavenger Hunt event on August 15th. Consisting of 10 questions chosen randomly from a pool that combines historical, cultural, and general knowledge of the area, the St Charles Quiz is designed to highlight how well or little we know about St. Charles.

There are many interesting stories and lore that one hears about this area and the people, but it’s often difficult to put all the pieces together – especially since I didn’t grow up in this area. I really wanted to bring together these things into a compelling story and think we’ve been able to accomplish this with the 2015 Riverwalk audio tour. – Julie Hartig Riverwalk Chairman

While compiling the final tour there were many interesting tidbits that just couldn’t be included for various reasons and the quiz allows us to share some of these. However, after a few family and friends tried the first round of quiz questions I heard a complaint that it was just too hard! That prompted the addition of some silly answer choices and a few easier questions.

At the completion of the quiz, each person receives a score ranking of five levels from Tourist to Guru, and receives a discount code for use when registering for the event.

Finally, we really want to thank Dean Courser for allowing us to place the banners promoting the St Charles quiz and the event up on the window for the busy weekend! It’s such a great, central location in St. Charles and we appreciate his generosity.

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Mission Statement

The River Corridor Foundation of St. Charles supports and advocates for projects that will enhance the downtown riverfront environment as a destination for cultural, educational, recreational, and economic opportunities that are accessible to all.