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Imagine, if you will, a signature riverwalk reaching back into cozy neighborhoods, meandering through city parks, dotted with scenic overlooks and enlivened by breathtaking examples of public art. Such is the vision of the River Corridor Project, a comprehensive plan focusing on the Fox River in six key areas:

  Position the Fox River as a compelling downtown attraction for groups, individuals, or a serendipitous meeting of friends.
Create a series of diverse, yet complimentary, spaces that will accommodate both casual visitors and periodic programmed events
Incorporate features that emphasize its urban and natural attributes and that are suitable for both formal and informal activities
  Improve access to the river and increase circulation between it and various downtown attractions such as regional trails, retail stores, restaurants, adjacent neighborhoods, public parks, and parking facilities
Design appropriate waterfront features, plazas, bridges, overlooks, and walkways to accommodate citizens and visitors of all capabilities
  Create new and improved places to shop and dine, work and play, live and visit
  Improve the quality of the water itself through state-of-the-art systems and materials and through the use of appropriate plantings
Stabilize eroding shorelines
Reduce storm water run-off
Filter storm water discharges into the river
  Communicate the story of this community, its heritage, and its people and their relationship to the river
Integrate public artwork, historic and cultural artifacts, and other elements throughout the corridor

Connect and enhance the active and passive recreational opportunities of the river and adjacent parks

Remodel the existing spillway to create a safer boating experience that will simultaneously improve the water quality and increase opportunities for better public access along the shoreline







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